Doug Addison's Activate Your Life Calling
A Strategic Group Breakthrough Experience
Are you ready to bring lasting change to your life now?

Do you want to discover and fulfill your higher calling in life?

Do you want passion to get up each day knowing you are working towards your purpose?
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From: Doug Addison
RE: Activate Your Life Calling
Hello Breakthrough Seeker,

Did you know that all your life God has been leaving you clues about your unique gifts, talents, life purpose and ultimate destiny?

I have been coaching, training, doing research and running study groups for years. As a result, I have discovered an accelerated learning process that will allow you to break through to something new in your life!

Over the past 25 years I have helped thousands of people get unstuck. I discovered that conferences and training courses are great, and it’s even better if you hire a Life Coach. But to radically change your life you ultimately need to develop and instill new beliefs and practices. It takes time, guidance and accountability to do that effectively. I have found that a minimum of three months is required.

That’s why I developed this strategically designed three-month interactive program. It's like no other I have seen. I take the best of all my life purpose training material, along with several cutting-edge training media, and pull them all together in the Activate Your Life Calling Immersion Group Experience.

What is Activate Your Life Calling?
Activate Your Life Calling is a 12-week online community made up of people like you, along with people a little further along on their journey, including some who are professionals committed to your progress. With weekly sessions and exercises, we have integrated discovery tools with online discussion journals where we help each other succeed. Trained Life Coaches are there the whole time to help you every step of the way.
Going through this experience can help you lose weight, get a better job, launch a business or ministry, write a book, deepen your relationship with God …
The Key Ingredients Needed To
Bring Transformation To Your Life:
Through my many years of taking steps toward my destiny and helping others take steps into theirs, I found that the following Key Ingredients are what made the most difference in my life and others'.

Activate Your Life Calling is designed with these key ingredients to set you up for success in reaching your God-given destiny.
  • Journaling – Learn my journaling secrets, as each assignment comes with an online journal. One secret to my success is journaling daily!
  • Mentoring – You'll get a strategically designed session each week from me.
  • Interaction – You learn faster with the help of other group members, and when you help others it trains you to give away what you are learning.
  • Personal guidance – One of my personally trained Life Purpose Coaches is there to help you and the group each week.
  • Exercises – My weekly exercises allow you to personally apply the mentoring assignments I send you.
  • Extra resources – I give you what you need to succeed and more.
  • Monthly mentoring call – The entire group gets on a teleconference call with me each month where I share insights and answer questions.
Here's What Activate Your Life Calling
Will do For You!
Have you even wondered what the difference was between someone that seems to be successful in all they do and you?

The truth is, the only real difference is the way they think and because they took strategic steps toward their dreams. It's not because they were smarter... It's not even because they were better than you or more talented. They just found a way to harness their thoughts and talents in such a way that it led to success.

This is what Activate Your Life Calling is designed to do. Everything is strategically put together to help you think the same way that God thinks about you and your circumstances so that you can take small deliberate actions toward your God-given destiny and eventually get there. This is the reason we have it set up in a group atmosphere and made it a 12-week program; it allows you to help each other take those small easy steps and to keep taking them.

All you need to do is show up, go through the sessions, do the exercises, share your progress and watch your life be completely transformed.
Here's some of what you can expect to happen:
  • Break through procrastination.
  • Strengthen your ability to love.
  • Get a clear picture of what God has called you to.
  • Develop a plan to get to the next level.
  • Discover your destiny and develop new passion for life.
  • Master four key foundational strategies that Doug uses every day.
  • Learn to break through instead of breakdown.
  • How to effectively hear God and grow spiritually through journaling.
  • Turn attacks of the enemy into positive outcomes
  • How to hear the voice of God for yourself.
  • Identify and change negative thoughts and ungodly beliefs.
  • Effectively renew your thinking.
  • Get a vision of how God sees you and align yourself with it.
  • Work through the three most dangerous inner obstacles.
  • Develop a life purpose that will be your "True North" in times of storms.
  • Learn to use the Life Purpose Coaching Kit to help others.
  • So much more we can’t list it all here …
Don't Take My Word For It
I passed my exam and now I’m a certified Personal Trainer! Activate Your Life Calling helped me put it all together!
I started going to the gym regularly. I planned and started writing my children’s TV show. I have stronger self-worth.
I was amazed at all we learned from Doug and from one another. I now remember my dreams more and am much more sensitive to things spiritually.
The teachings, tools, strategies and exercises helped me to look at previous struggles in a new light. My confidence level soared!
I definitely became closer to God and noticed my prophetic gift coming back to life.
Your breakthrough can be next!
Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside
Activate Your Life Calling
(Click the play button for an insider's look!)
WEEK 1 SESSION: Four Steps To Radically Change Your Life
  • Discover the four steps that Doug has taken to reach the place where he’s at now.
  • Why Elvis didn’t get to walk into the fullness of his destiny and how you can avoid the same mistake.
  • The foundational verses of the Gospel that Doug came across that can change your destiny.
  • Breakthrough Exercise for the week, and more.
WEEK 2 SESSION: Change the Spiritual Atmosphere Around You
  • The three G’s of a good foundation to keep you growing correctly and create a positive spiritual atmosphere around you.
  • What you can do daily to produce future results and how you can make those daily things automatic.
  • How to get rid of limiting beliefs that may be holding you back..
  • Breakthrough Exercise for the week, and more.
WEEK 3 SESSION: Positive Kingdom Lifestyle
  • How to see God’s positivity in negative circumstances to push yourself forward.
  • How to focus so that you can live life centered on the good things of God and see His solutions in any problems you may face.
  • How you can tell what God’s will is for your life.
  • Breakthrough Exercise for the week, and more.
WEEK 4 SESSION: CIA – Continual Improvement Always
  • How to establish a lifestyle of consistent growth in all areas of your life where little things make big differences.
  • How to train yourself in your spiritual gifts so that you won’t miss what God’s saying.
  • How to practically improve your strengths and weaknesses in the correct manner to make change a fun experience.
  • Breakthrough Exercise for the week, and more.
WEEK 5 SESSION: Hearing God!
  • How to accelerate yourself through hearing God more clearly.
  • How to know God better so that you can hear Him better.
  • Find out the different ways that God speaks to us and how you can tap into what He’s saying and get to know His voice, not just His words.
  • Breakthrough Exercise for the week, and more.
WEEK 6 SESSION: Identify Negative Thoughts
  • How to transform your mind to think more positively all the time.
  • How your brain works so you can change your belief system.
  • How to keep yourself from going back to old destructive thoughts.
  • Breakthrough Exercise for the week, and more.
WEEK 7 SESSION: Seeing Who You Are Becoming
  • How to keep from derailing your destiny by the way you think and instead train yourself to get a new perspective on everything that happens to you.
  • How to transform bad days into good days instantly.
  • Breakthrough Exercise for the week, and more.
WEEK 8 SESSION: Who You Really Are
  • How to let God transform you into a new person and recognize the blessings from a painful experience.
  • How to practice humility while at the same time keeping yourself from false humility and pride.
  • How “dying to hard” can ruin the plans that God has for you.
  • Breakthrough Exercise for the week, and more.
WEEK 9 SESSION: Connection with the Body, Soul, and Spirit
  • Discover how the body, soul, and spirit work together in your being.
  • How to recognize the way you handle yourself and what it says about you.
  • Find out the three levels of listening so that you can understand what people think of themselves and help them change.
  • Breakthrough Exercise for the week, and more.
WEEK 10 SESSION: Writing a Life Purpose Statement
  • How to be a co-laborer with God and be proactive in walking into your destiny.
  • What the SPIN cycle is and how to get out of it and into your life calling.
  • How to stop procrastination and instead get focused with clarity on where you need to go.
  • Breakthrough Exercise for the week, and more.
WEEK 11 SESSION: Creating a Life Plan
  • How to keep going with all that you’ve learned to be one of God’s faithful ones and how to regroup when times get tough.
  • Discover the difference between working diligently and striving so you can keep yourself from striving.
  • How to use the SMART technique to keep yourself moving forward instead of falling behind.
  • Breakthrough Exercise for the week, and more.
Extra Resources:
  • Personal Development God’s Way book download.
  • Journaling Tips video to learn how to journal effectively.
  • Self Publishing section gives you practical tips of self publishing.
  • Digital Publishing section gives practical tips on publishing your stuff digitally.
  • Email Marketing section shows you how to use email in marketing what you published.
  • Video Marketing sections shows you how to use video to market what you published.
  • Business Made Easy powerpoint covers business basics for you.

This Strategic Group Breakthrough Experience is perfect for you if this is what you want to do. With the personal interaction and trained Life Coaches to help you as you go through all the sessions, it'll make your breakthrough so much easier to get to.

The amazing thing about Activate Your Life Calling is that it can be done while you're doing life, so it really doesn't take any time away from you. I purposely designed each weekly session to be less than 30 minutes, this way it is easily digested and you won't get the information overload that can happen in conferences. 

*With this, your results are entirely determined by the effort you put into doing the exercises that go with each session and the interaction you have with your coaches and fellow classmates. However, it doesn't take much to simply follow along. It's set up to make you successful!

When I first released Activate Your Life Calling, I charged as much as $2,500 but since have redone it so that more people can take it and it won't be as taxing on me. Even though walking into your life calling and purpose is really priceless, at this moment, you can take part of Activate Your Life Calling Group Immersion Experience for ONLY... $2500 $495 or 3 payments of $165 charged monthly!

Still Not Sure?
No Worries. Our Product Comes With A
15-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
Once you sign up, you have 15 days to get a full refund. We have never had anyone not like it, but if you are not happy just let us know and we give you 100% Money Back, no questions asked!
Additional Information:

Activate Your Life Calling Recap:

Activate Your Life Calling is a 12-week Strategic Group Breakthrough Experience with weekly sessions and exercises to help you take strategic next steps into your destiny as quickly as possible.

Every week of the program you'll receive a short lesson and exercise that will help you develop and instill new beliefs and practices. This is all integrated with online discussion journals where you'll be able to share your thoughts and goals with other classmates as well as our Trained Life Coaches. Therefore, you have an accountability group to help you reach your destiny quicker and answer any of your questions or thoughts.

Activate Your Life Calling is committed to helping you truly bring lasting change into your life!

About Doug Addison

Doug Addison is a leading expert in destiny achievement, and developing your ability to hear God through the prophetic gifts and dream interpretation. Doug has discovered that many of the dreams you have at night reveal your life dreams. As a result Doug became a Certified Life Coach, to help people fulfill their dreams.

As a leading dream interpreter, prophetic writer, and trainer, Doug helps thousands of people like you change your life for good with lasting results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When Does The Group Start?

There is no specific start date. Each individual starts the day they sign up and they go through the three-month process, joining the group's website community.

How Long Does The Group Last?

There are 11 assignments that are delivered weekly. It is a total of 12 + weeks.

Can I Skip Ahead Or Power Through Assignments?

No, part of the accelerated learning process purposely slows you down to allow the material to be deeply rooted in your spirit and become a new lifestyle. Each assignment is delivered once a week for 11 weeks.

What About The Monthly Calls?

Doug normally does the monthly call on Tuesdays or Wednesdays at 5:30 pm Pacific time (Los Angeles, CA). The calls are 60-90 minutes in length depending on the group. You will call in to a number (toll charges may apply) and have the opportunity to submit questions. Yes, all calls are recorded. *Note that due to Doug’s travel schedule he sometimes has to change the call times. If that happens, you will be notified.

What Kind Of Computer Do I Need?

The Activate Your Life Calling website works on PC, Windows and most iPads. You will need a high-speed Internet connection for the best experience.

Do I Have To Do The Assignments Online?

The audios and assignments are delivered to you each week. You can do them online or download them to your computer for later. You will have to be online to post to your breakthrough journal.

What If I Don't Like It?

Once you sign up, you have 30 days to get a full refund. We have never had anyone not like it but if you are not happy just let us know.